SFTN01, DETN01series~1W SMD Type DC/DC Converter

In order to raise DC/DC converter competitiveness, MEAN WELL is releasing SMD 1W unregulated DC/DC converters, single output SFTN01 and dual output DETN01. Compared to the last generation SFT01/DET01, the new SFTN01/DETN01 series have wider operating temperature (-40 ~ +90℃), higher efficiency (max. 83%) and longer warranty (3 years). In addition, SFTN01/DETN01 pin assignments follow the original ones of SFT01/DET01 so that the terminal system PCB board doesn’t need to be redesigned with enjoying higher performance products. Suitable applications include IoT, electronics, telecom, networking, industrial control, and various distributed power architecture, etc. For further comparison, please refer to the following selection table.


SFTN01 Series  DETN01 Series