MDS01, MDD01, MDS02, MDD02 Series 1~2W SIP Package DC/DC Converter

For the product line of unregulated DC/DC converter with SIP package, various series for IT and industrial aspects, such as SMU01/SMU02/DPU01/SPU01/SPU02/SPU03, have been launched by MEAN WELL. Responding to the increasing needs for home caring market and medical industry, medical grade DC/DC converters MDS01/MDD01/MDS02/MDD02 make a debut. Along with these new four series being phased in, MEAN WELL can provide complete medical power solution for combining AC/DC and DC/DC.
These four brand-new series have several features. All are designed to abide by SIP standard pin assignment, having ultra-wide range of working temperature -40~+85°C without derating, 6KVDC or 4.2KVAC I/O reinforced isolation, extremely low leakage current lower than 2μA, and being compliant with international medical safety regulations ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 (1×MOPP/2×MOOP). For the above features, MDS01/MDD01/MDS02/MDD02 are utterly suitable for multiple medical equipments, such as oxygen monitor, medical cart and oral caring equipment.

              • SIP7 package with international standard pinout
              • Medical safety approved ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 (1×MOPP/2×MOOP)
              • 6KVDC or 4.2KVAC I/O reinforced isolation
              • Working temperature: -40 ~ +85℃ without derating
              • Ultra-low leakage current < 2μA
              • Single /dual output models
              • Protection: short circuit for maximum 3 seconds
              • 3 years warranty


MDS01 Series  MDS02 Series 
MDD01 Series  MDD02 Series